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Stitchy Prose

Cross Stitch Buddy - Ultimate

Cross Stitch Buddy - Ultimate

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Tired of constantly hunting for misplaced cross stitch tools or relying on others to calculate fabric sizes? Look no further than Stitchy Prose's innovative solution!

Introducing the Cross Stitch Buddy - Ultimate, the ultimate companion for cross stitch enthusiasts. Engineered with precision, this tool boasts a multitude of features designed to streamline your crafting experience.

Experience unparalleled durability with our Cross Stitch Buddy - Ultimate. Constructed with high-end materials, it's been rigorously tested and the material used is more flexible and 5-7 times stronger than other craft rulers often seen in quilting. Say goodbye to tools that break under pressure!

The Cross Stitch Buddy - Ultimate includes a built-in corner gauge, stitched and finishing size formulas, 17” ruler, a winder to cut your thread to 18”, 24” or 36” lengths, a strand and needle guide for different fabric counts, a fabric count gauge, and a hole to hang the tool on your wall.

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